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Solid Gold Hubcaps Clothing

February 11th, 2009

Solid Gold Hubcaps Clothing

Jeff, Solid Gold Hubcaps Clothing:

Solid Gold Hubcaps Clothing (SGHCloth.) is a brand in which the unconventional is encouraged. Whether through our concepts, colors or graphics we hope we make you take a second look and wonder if we’re something you can wear!

Solid Gold Hubcaps Clothing

Our mission is to present the original individual with products that have personality. Our designs and concepts will be inspected, scrutinized and carefully selected in order to create innovative and thought provoking apparel. Our goal is to base design after artwork and ideas, ignoring conventional t-shirt methods and trends.

Solid Gold Hubcaps Clothing

Our Mission: to make what we think is cool. We are confident it will translate, and if it doesn’t…kick rocks!!! SGHCloth. is based in Los Angeles, CA and directed by Jeff Lawhead. We personally design and print all apparel - in-garage”.

Solid Gold Hubcaps Clothing

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  • HalfEmpty

    February 12, 2009

    I’m a big fan of these types of designs. Original, simplistic, and cool.

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