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ZBQ has some new shirts posted on their site

February 12th, 2009

The first is a brand new design created by Thesis Sahib, an artist they’ve worked with for several years. Thesis is a well-known graffiti bomber who has travelled the world spreading his artwork.

He has made the transition to gallery painter in recent years and his stuff is incredible! This particular design is based on one of his paintings called “Per” and is a large, beautiful 6 color print available on tan, cream and silver grey shirts:


ZBQ has also topped up stock in some of their more popular designs. Le Punk is a Robin Antiga creation. Robin has designed many different shirts for ZBQ over the years, including 1984, their most popular print.


Killbots 2 is an “orange and yellow” variation on the “Killbots” design originally created by the very talented artist Keeley from Bloo Empire:



And Motherhood, an in-house creation, should appeal to animal lovers everywhere. Everyone loves giraffes!


Be sure to mention code “LUVZB” for a 15% (before shipping) refund. ZBQ also offer free shipping for orders of $54 (3 shirts) or more, free 1 inch buttons with all orders and free wall banners for orders of $80 or more!

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