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laFraise Remix

March 9th, 2009

This year laFraise celebrates its 5th birthday with a variety of events and initiatives:

Tobias, laFraise:

“The remix is THE pop cultural technique of today. In music, in design and in fashion, too, reworking existing art has taken the creative evolution to another level.


With our “Remix” line, we at laFraise want to offer our most outstanding winners the opportunity to get their hands on their own designs again and take them from then to today. Printed in an limited edition of 1000 psc., the “Remix” products will come in special packaging and, of course, a special neck print as well.

Collectable and affordable, laFraise Remix is a collection of the best shirt designs published by laFraise within the last 5 years, remixed to match today’s trends. A new laFraise Remix shirt will be release every month in 2009.”

The first “Remix” shirt released is Cuypi´s “The Last Party

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