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Art in the Age

April 16th, 2009

The full name of the brand is Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, which takes its name from Walter Benjamin’s landmark 1936 essay.

Art in the Age

Nicole, Art in the Age:

“We are a company that is proud to collaborate with actual artists to create original designs on tees, prints, stationery and much more.

In addition to carrying the entire Art in the Age line of private label tees ( which merge art with fashion), our store features custom wallpaper and upholstery, custom stationery, housewares, as well as complimentary men and women’s apparel, accessory and apothecary lines.

Art in the Age

In addition, the Art in the Age store and website also purveys merchandise by Pennsylvania folk artisans, like Mennonite quilts and locally made preserves. We have carefully curated the ever-evolving product mix in our store to support and foster the art in the age lifestyle.

Highlights of the store are the gallery space inside and the window design installations, realized by our artists, which rotate monthly.

Art in the Age

The exhibits are curated by Art in the Age Creative Director and founding member of Space 1026, Ben Woodward .This artists’ haven would not be complete without a carefully selected library of books including the complete Walter Benjamin Archive and a variety of other art books by featured Art in the Age artists, like Jim Houser and Paper Rad. Also available are hard to find titles from revered publishers like DAP and Gingko press, as well as imported books and magazines from abroad”.

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  • Schneeraum

    April 22, 2009

    Cool Shirts, especially the first one.

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