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Jessica Hill

May 10th, 2009

Jessica is a painter and designer in Nashville. She went to art school in Philadelphia and worked for goodandevil skateboard company at the world famous Space 1026.



“As a painter and designer, I am most interested in color and layout. I went to school in Philadelphia where I got a BFA in Graphic Design. I had the great pleasure of working for a skateboard company while there, where I helped with layout, color separations, etc. While there I was exposed to some amazing emerging artists who are now featured in magazines such as Juxtapoz. They showed me paintings and silk screens that were unconventional, funny, smart and different.


I always loved painting things that I thought were amusing or interesting, but uncomplicated and affordable. I am interested in shape, color, layout and fun. I like my work to be affordable and approachable. Although the work looks simple, a lot of thought goes into each piece. Everywhere I show it, I always get a different response which is always interesting to me. I recently started doing magazine illustrations as well for publications such as Bejeezus, Barrelhouse, MungBeing, and Bootleg magazine”.



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