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Hellmouth, available at 2K

May 25th, 2009

Ashley Anderson:

Hellmouth is a small sketch I created about 2 years ago back when I worked for the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah. Georgia.

Hellmouth, available at 2K

I had a lot of spare time each day in my job which allowed me to fill my sketchpad with tons of doodles that have slowly come to see the light of day as shirt designs, stickers, and paintings.

Hellmouth, available at 2K

This particular design is actually a combination of two images done one above the other. It is a little telling of the kind of imagery I was taking in at the time: street signs, old videogames I was playing on emulators, and a book about various images of the devil in European art.

I reckon you can go back and just cut and paste the info about “Ri-Damn-Diculous” from your earlier article. If you need me to write anything new, I sure don’t mind. I would like to mention the trouble I went through to transfer the image from a hand-drawn shirt into a reproducible digital image:

I photographed the shirt hanging flat on a board, printed out the photo, traced the photo to tracing paper on my light table, scanned the tracing, then cleaned up the scan in photoshop with my wacom. Even more work to justify the design’s title, I’d say!

It’s odd to look at these older designs and see how simple they seem now compared to what I’ve been making lately. I hope to get my present work out to the rest of the world a little quicker in the future, but I do appreciate that 2k and its customers have thought well enough of my images to invest in printing them.

It’s a really big compliment, and my family is tickled pink, of course :) .”

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  • Ashley Anderson

    May 25, 2009

    I for got to mention that my designs can be found under the “Summer Designs” heading on 2K’s website.

    Thanks again!!!

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