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Do you know Sintient?

May 25th, 2009

Sintient Threads Launches their website Featuring Clever “T-Shirts” from the Underground Designed for the “Open Minded” Urban Einstein Types.

Sintient goes live featuring two new underground T-Shirts” designs. “Einsteins Dank” and “Durdy Buddah”.

Sintient is a street wear fashion label and group of free thinking artist, bloggers, designers, models, skate boarders, philosophers and difference makers ready to liberate self expression using fashion as a medium and a sword forged from one part irony one part cleverness, two parts global consciousness, and one part just not giving a faux.

Do you know Sintient?

Sintient threads is a collection of underground and skate T-shirts designed to create reactions. Not so much focused on creating a specific reaction but creating strong solid reactions that move the viewer.

Do you know Sintient?

Quote from Creative Director Burton Lancaster:

“Some consider the custom T shirt designs controversial, some consider them genius, others scream blasphemy. I’m happy with any of those responses. The goal is to create solid gut reactions. Good … Bad … Speak your truth of it with conviction and I feel like my job is done.”

Do you know Sintient?

Durdy Buddah t-shirt is available at Sintient for $30.00. It is an all-over custom t-shirt design that features Buddha smoking a Cuban cigar. Emerging from the cigar is a flock of birds.

Do you know Sintient?

Einsteins Dank t-shirt is also available at Sintient for $30.00 is an all-over custom t-shirt design that a photo realistic all-over print of Einstein smoking his pipe with the a-bomb mushroom cloud as his smoke stack.

Sintient is quickly creating a buzz on the street and gaining attention from celebrities such as comedian Dane Cook who recently added both blunted Buddah and Einstein’s dank to his wardrobe.

Following their noble motto to “Silence the Oppression”, Sintient Threads based out of the Queen City, Charlotte N.C., donates a percentage of all t-shirt sales to ONE, the campaign against hunger.

Keep the blog checked daily at sintient.com/blog for both consciousness and fashion driven articles and videos. Be free, one and continue silence the oppression in yo life. Sintient out.

For additional information on (Sintient Threads launches Sintient featuring clever “T-Shifts”
from the underground designed for the “Open Minded”), contact Burton Lancaster or visit

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  • Jet

    May 31, 2009

    i REALLY like the smoking shirt. Awesome placement and design.


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