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Tee Invaders

June 16th, 2009

Tee Invaders is a t-shirt community offering artist a chance to win both ways.

Tee Invaders

Jenna, Tee Invaders:

“You can take part in our “Weekly Invasion” where we feature your design for 7 days and after that you get rights back to your artwork. You also earn $1 per shirt sold, known as “Invader Bucks”.

Artwork for “Weekly Invasion” is not submitted to the site, you can contact our art curator Wotto for consideration or wait for him to reach out to you!

Tee Invaders

If you would like to give it a go and win a cash prize up front, you can enter our regular on-going contest. For now we offer $350 upfront and the artist continues to earn “Invader Bucks” on their design. We will be picking winners each month and will vary.

We have a cool little feature where artist can keep track of the commissions they are earning in their profiles, so you get to see how much your earning and how your shirts are selling, pretty kool eh!

Tee Invaders

Golden Ticket, what’s this?

Well because we think our customers are equally cool as our artist, we would like to give everyone a chance to win a prize. So each month a prize will be featured and if you find the Golden Ticket in your package, your a winner!”

Tee Invaders

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