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June 1st, 2007

School is in session at SIKENOMICS (sike-en-omics) Clothing, a new clothing line from the mind of Phil Shafer, the designer behind Sike Style Designs.

SIKENOMICS melds concepts from the nightly news with urban style, high art and pop culture.

Combining images that recall the conflicts of our time and the colors and styles of the evolving mash-up culture, SIKENOMICS introduces ideas to the student without being obvious or overstated.

It’s up to the individual to decide how to study SIKENOMICS and express their individuality through the clothing.


  • superfresh

    June 1, 2007

    don’t sleep on sikenomics! it’s that new-new, for those of you who like to stay fresh.

  • anything but this

    February 26, 2008

    This is the worst clothing company in Kansas City, f’real. The designs are copy-written images taken from google images. and the person who photoshops them is straight wack! save the 32$ you would have spent on one of these wack shirts and spend it on something legit like records. SIKE IS WACK! faggot.

  • haterschoke

    February 28, 2008

    anything but this, don’t choke on all that haterade. what you mad cuz sike stylin on you?

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