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Burden Clothing,

July 28th, 2007

Burden Clothing is a brand with a message.

Burden Clothing

With a focus on Afro-Caribbean culture, Burden creates pieces based on people, places and things that have not only impacted their own cultures but the world as a whole.

Burden Clothing

The company’s name is a play on the Rudyard Kipling poem “White Man’s Burden”.

They aim to show that “…through great heroes, Caribbean people can stand up and be accounted for. They are proof that from desolate, desperate situations can come dominance, excellence and glory”

Burden Clothing

The first run of tees showcase such figures as Peter Tosh, Walter Rodney, The Mighty Sparrow, Roberto Clemente and more.

Burden Clothing

Burden Clothing

Burden Clothing

Photo Credits: Malinda “Yum Yum” Bell: Group_Mural, Tosh1, Rodney. Clemente, Khalilah Branch.

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  • kula

    July 20, 2008

    I really like the Orignal king of reggea’s tshirt(PETER TOSH),yellow on the black where cai get it to buy

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