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August 1st, 2007

Three new designs available at [2one5] :

Gradient Bridge:

We’re, like, totally getting faded, dude, and it’s not off some of that “Mary Jane”. We prefer to suck in the noxious fumes of freshly printed silk-screen ink. So, in one of those “moments,” we slathered a t-shirt with a large, perforated, gradient blob of ink in the shape of our bridge. Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty to go around, as this is the first in a series of many. Flick on the black-light and get ready to have an “experience”.



Now that AI skirted out of town on the first plane to the crisp Rocky Mountains, it’s your turn to take over the spotlight, hog the ball, and take thirty jumpers a game. We’ve updated our Superstar design with the red, white, and blue of our beloved Sixers. Whether they drudge through the bottom of the ranks again, or hoist a trophy in what will surely be a moment of glory, the Sixers will always be our Superstars. Awww.


Brand Imperial:

Sometimes, a drop of the tropics can really hit the spot. While you’re tipping back glass after glass of freshly spiked lemonade, squeezing the delicious nectar of sweet tropical fruits down your throat, and getting ready to take a nice dip in the pool, be sure to cover up with our newest Brand Imperial t-shirt. It’ll help protect your skin from the damaging sun, leaving you looking fresher, younger, and more beautiful.

Carly, [2one5]


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