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August 3rd, 2007


We wanted to tell you that, we, SOHO TUNA have now officially launched our site, offering bespoke hand printed tees to the masses.

soho tuna

They’ve been a long time coming since there conception in our Notting Hill Local back in 06, But we’re really proud of them.

soho tuna

Our debut collection is inspired by our experiences of London’s vibrancy: its nightlife, renowned landmarks and street carnivals. We’ve combine iconic images of London with references to its more sinister, criminal elements.

soho tuna

So your probably thinking … ‘SOHO TUNA‘… what the..?!?! we’ll we wanted a name that was funky / Outlandish, that suggested seedy undertones, Basically something that didn’t make sense due to it sheer randomness.

Get over to SOHO TUNA to check out all our cracking summer tees.

soho tuna

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  • Adam

    August 7, 2007

    Loving these tees - they look great and come packaged in a bespoke box… keep em coming Soho Tuna!

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