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Italia Independent: Carbon Sever

August 3rd, 2007

Carbon Sever

Carbon Sever is the first pair of sunglasses made entirely of carbon fiber. Carbon Sever sunglasses are handmade by skilled expert craftsmen.

Italia Independent

Italia Independent

Full size picture: Carbon Sever & Carbon Sever

The workmanship of the over 40 carbon “skins” necessary to achieve the finished item requires an elaborate production process. The “skins” are kept at a temperature of 15 degrees below zero before the long sophisticated phase of moulding and processing.

The sunglasses are then hand-sanded with special paper and painted; this process is repeated at least three times to obtain the finished product. Each pair of sunglasses is unique, and therefore cannot be counterfeited.

The design of Carbon Sever, devised by the Italia Independent internal team, is characterised by soft yet aggressive shapes that make the sunglasses unisex.

In Belgium you can buy Italia Independent sunglasses at Maison Deman.

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