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italia Independent: Niro

August 3rd, 2007


Niro are traditionally designed, yet innovative, sunglasses made out of celluloid acetate. The classic ‘70’s “pear-drop” lens shape is altered by a more squared-off and pronounced frame, stronger bars and a more distinctive shape of the lenses.

Italia Independent

Italia Independent

Full size picture: Niro & Niro

The shape of Niro is achieved through an elaborate process: the coating, punching, shaping and welding are all performed by skilled craftsmen, allowing each model to gain the creative edge.

Niro is a personal belonging created by Italia Independent. Every I-I product is conceived, developed and produced entirely in Italy.

Every component of the sunglass is hand-tinted. The logos and the personalization on the sunglass bar are laser-done.
The lenses are supplied by the Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens.

“Personal belongings” are unique innovative objects, the direct expression of experiences and tastes of independent people. These objects interpret the style, the innovation and the Italian lifestyle in a global vision.

In Belgium you can buy Italia Independent sunglasses at Maison Deman.

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