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August 14th, 2007

Kiser is a clothing brand whose shirts, jackets and hoodies were born in the streets and since, have gone far beyond their beginnings. Kiser Haydar Barnes began selling his unique graffiti-inspired apparel while dodging police officers on the streets of downtown New York City. His line has since evolved into a distinct graphic-design/fashion art form that emphasizes the concept of “Hunt Beauty.”


Kiser’s pursuit of truth and originality has lead him to create a series of one-of-a-kind, politically-charged designs. His pursuit can best be described by his image of a flower alongside AK-47 guns. The guns reflect the destructive potential in us that is tamed by the creative spirit represented by the flower. In effect, a peaceful revolution. His style focuses primarily on the search for this type of beauty in the ever-changing Graphic Life in which we live.


Born in Nigeria, raised in Israel and educated at The Rochester Institute of Technology, Kiser’s art has blossomed into its own visual language. Kiser’s “Hunt Beauty” images are inspired by Hip-Hop, Middle-Eastern and African cultures which he blends together to form a symphony of universally relevant designs.


His fashion is INTENSE COMPLEX AND DEEPLY INTELLECTUAL . sometimes IT IS political, sometimes IT IS playful BUT IT IS always about balance. Kiser’s eclectic style has lead him to collaborate on projects with the likes of Chloe, DJ A-Trak, HBO, The Brooklyn Circus and Timberland among others.


His current apparel line is featured in over 30 stores internationally and online. His shirts, and their designs, have been acclaimed by publications such as URB, Guys, Nylon, Source, GQ, Cargo, and Complex magazines …

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  • Ness

    May 29, 2008

    He needs to work on his gammar…. sunglasses are a must.

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