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Cbaz: Chor Bazaar

August 22nd, 2007

Chor Bazaar is an Indie-Indian Fusion or Desi shop based in Brooklyn, New York with roots in, India.


Umang Shah, Chor Bazaar :

“We design and screen all of our shirts, they are not made by a machine. Our products are hand selected and hand finished, each one is an original.

We take great care not to exploit South Asian designs and deter from using kitschy or religious connotations. Anyone can rock these shirts. You don’t have to be South Asian.

Our mission is to expand the Desi-fusion art form to another realm. We have experienced the fusion in music and literature but have hardly seen the Desi in urban apparel.Conceptually, we have appropriated from Desi life, past and present, to form graphics that will evoke memories and associations from a lifestyle gone by.

The subtlety of these designs allows you to rock what you are wearing and suggest whatever it is you want whether it is urban, trendy, and/or Desi-ness”.


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