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Fashion Network

September 14th, 2007

The Fashion Network is aiming to be the number 1 outlet for the Global Apparel Industry to source, exchange contacts, and build their business and network in a professional environment. To sum it up The Fashion Network: is Where the Apparel Industry Connects.
Fashion Network

The Fashion Network is really for the independent designers/models/wholesalers/sales reps anybody in the apparel industry who needs contacts, vendors, photographers, or just to network, but don’t have the necessary resources. I mean let’s be real everyone cannot afford to fly out to Magic or attend the hundred’s of trade shows annually.
Why should you join?

Because The Fashion Network is a 100% Free and is part of the ever growing Dobizo Network, which consist of a daily blog, and a apparel industry specific forum with over a 1,000 members and growing every hour. Dobizo Network is not number one for “How to start a clothing line” for any reason!

Fashion Network

Start your memberships today by choosing a username, upload pictures/videos of your last fashion show, photo shoots, t-shirts graphics or garments your company has produced.

Connect with apparel industry companies from all over the world or find a local resource for your next production order by mileage integrated by Google maps.

All apparel industry profiles have a five star rating depending on a client’s/users experience with their company. Invite your network to the next industry event you will be hosting with the click of a button instantly increasing the RSVP’s.

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