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September 20th, 2007

armedangels® is going much further than just announcing another hip new


Their first collection defines the meaning of social fashion. armedangels® is not about being a niche-cult; it’s a pioneering brand that unites high-quality design with an absolute rejection of child-labour, exploitation and environmental pollution.


A certified FAIRTRADE supplier in Portugal, who guarantees organic cotton and a fair purchase price for the cotton-growers, will manufacture all garments.

This truly ethical brand is getting involved with selected aid projects around the world. “From armedangels® to Santa Cruz”, says the slogan on all products, announcing their first aid project - supporting schools in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. armedangels® will donate 3,33 euros from every product sold to support this initiative.


The first selection of international designers reflects the real spirit of the brand. Yoffy, the Californian pastel master is on board, as well as the Swiss graffiti artist, Sigi von Koeding, aka DARE, who has been active on the scene for twenty years.

Joining these talented guys are up-and-coming designers Julien Akita; Thomas Ballester, alias tomontherock; and Julien Rivoire, the man behind Bastardgraphics in Paris. Their designs will be initially produced as a limited run of 2000 pieces.


These artists support the armedangels® vision through their designs and their explosive combination of great style and awesome attitude.”


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  • Philipp

    September 20, 2007

    Cheers David,

    we really appreciate your effort.


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