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Strictly for the Supafemale,

September 30th, 2007

The cap was originally designed back in April this year for the New Era Sessions; where artist and designers are invited to use the 59Fifty as a blank canvas.

Strictly for the Supafemale

Strictly for the Supafemale

Strictly for the Supafemale :

“Only 6 samples were to be made and showcased in flagship store exhibitions. This was the NBFG piece; Strawberries & Cream, The fruits of my labour! Since then the samples have been in production and the London Flagship store has been launched.

This week I heard back that NE are planning to launch the Sessions Exhibition in The London Flagship store in early December, which is brilliant news. Even better is that the NBFG Strawberries & Cream will be 1 of 3 designs chosen to be produced as a short run of 36 available to pick up in the London store whilst the exhibition runs”.

Strictly for the Supafemale

Strictly for the Supafemale

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