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October 1st, 2007

seen. is an upcoming label for “non-hippie reggae and dancehallwear” trying to establish a visual language far away from red-green-and-yellow Marijuana-leaves and Bob Marley merchandise. seen., tries to stay in permanent contact with contemporary Jamaican popular culture instead of sticking to the cliché-soaked images that some ever-stoned hippies still carry around. (see for our whole “philosophy“)


That´s also why seen. went to KIngston from August 06 to February 07 where the link to living photographer legend Peter Dean Rickards was establlished. Now seen. and P. D. Rickard collaborate on a tee:


Tobias, seen. :

“The Afflicted Yard has never released its images for the production of T-shirts. This is generally because I’ve always seen the t-shirt thing as having huge potential for the Afflicted Yard and I wanted to wait and do it right rather than to sell the photographs to anyone with a t shirt line who would then be able to use the images in any way that they wanted.


I get maybe two or three such requests every month from T-shirt lines all over the planet, and to date I’ve always refused. Seen. out of Germany is different, however. Their line is nice-real nice-and on top of it they’re consistent.


As a result, seen. was given the green light and they’ve released a (very) limited edition t-shirt featuring an Afflicted Yard original photograph of Lee Scratch Perry as well as the Porus bullhead and photographs of Kay with the 12-gauge which compose the collaborative logo pictured above .


This is the first time any photograph has been allowed out of the Afflicted Yard for such use, excluding of course the LA LEWIS tees ( which were actually Afflicted Yard T-shirts anyway).”


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