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YNM: Yes No Maybe

October 3rd, 2007

Socrates wrote: “The only true wisdom consists of knowing you know nothing”. That makes the guys at YNM pretty wise.

BenYes Not Maybe :

“Thinking Hurts”. The very essence of existence is to make decisions , from the second we open our eyes in the morning, we are constantly filtering choices. We are bombarded with questions that need answers every day. YNM is for everyone who knows that they don’t know.

YNM: Yes Not Maybe

Yes No Maybe is an Independent UK label and design house, producing bold, fresh and original street-wear. YNM was founded on it’s creator’s indecisiveness - everything in his life was just a bit Yes…No…Maybe? Until Ben Farleigh realized the answer may be just that. “Yes No Maybe” was the first thing he was ever really sure about.

YNM: Yes Not Maybe

Yes No Maybe garments feature strong, irreverent graphics, with diverse references to popular culture. They have a sense of humor that runs through all their work, but promise not to make you look like a joke. They dabble in slogans, design original graphics, and “sample” artwork from strange, unlikely and exotic places, like the DJ who samples random old classics, and dips into all kinds of obscure genres, pulling new and wonderful things out of the mix, and the crowd goes wild!

YNM: Yes Not Maybe

The YNM creative team is based in North London. But the graphics featured on garments and their varied influences have come from all over the world and are inspired by many generations.

YNM: Yes Not Maybe

Check the current lookbook (.pdf)


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