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Stickit : invitation !

July 3rd, 2006

Stickit will invite artists to design a shirt and copyzine. The artists will vary from all disciplines like graffiti, art, design, illustration and so on. Every 1st of the month we will add a new shirt and zine to the page.

The very 1st artist in this series is graffiti artist Sems from Amsterdam. We hang out with the guy, and he tagged some sheets. In no time the place turned into a mess. But we had what we want, a nice drippy Sems tag for the shirt !



  • Lee Dale

    July 4, 2006

    Do we really need to encourage this? I love proper graf, but tagging is so desperate. Sems says it himself in his interview: I can’t draw, so I tag. Ridiculous.

    This isn’t art, it’s vandalism. He should keep it in his sketchbook or on a tshirt, but here we have Stickit (and this site) glorifying someone’s ego drop on their city.

  • tshirt : iloveyourtshirt : t-shirt blog » Stickit

    September 5, 2006

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