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For Immediate Release at B/D

December 18th, 2007

Sasha, Beautiful/Decay :

Beautiful/Decay is proud to present the latest season of our Artists Series Apparel Line at Agenda. Though the line originally debuted with just four shirts, our 2007 series of apparel has more than quadrupled in size, to encompass a broad range of new artists, designs and styles.


As usual, we will be launching a whole series of T-shirts that B/D Apparel fans have come to know and love, by previously featured artists such as Skwak, as well as new designs by Drew Liverman.


We are also excited to present our latest addition to the rapidly growing Beautiful/Decay apparel line: four brand new reversible hoodies that feature cutting-edge prints on both the exterior and interior. The hoodies are meticulously designed as an entirely cohesive garment- down to the custom details, such as a B/D zipper pull, embroidery, interior and exterior pockets, and B/D logo. The above “Fletcher” design was a knock-out best seller at the trade fairs.


In addition, we are debuting an exclusive line, Aya Kato + Beautiful/Decay, which features Japanese artist Aya Kato’s hauntingly beautiful imagery. Her visually stunning sixteen piece collection incorporates imagery ranging from bold dreamscapes, striking scenery filled with fluid architecture, enticing women and supremely detailed foliage. (To buy the new holiday season, visit our online shop).

Since our inception, we’ve made it our goal to promote both emerging and established artists alike through our publication and now, our clothing line. Beautiful/Decay is a constantly evolving endeavor and will continue to encompass many new collaborative projects with a cross-section of visual talents”.

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