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Pop Vulture Tshirt

January 4th, 2008

Pop Vulture Tshirt, the new brutal commentarian dedicated to starting a dialogue on the chests of its fashion forward customers. Elevating the individual, elevating the idea, elevating what it means to wear a t-shirt. Their motto: If the truth fits, wear it.

Pop Vulture

Their shirts hit hard, hit home, and hit often- attacking all things popular culture with uncompromising fortitude.

Pop Vulture

They are devoted to doing much more than selling t-shirts. Their website offers a forum for users to participate in the dialogue, and they have an ongoing blog to present new in-depth ideas to the public.

They also offer wallpaper downloads for your computer, and offer links to other socially conscious businesses and groups. The t-shirts, it appears, are part of a larger, important movement.

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  • Horst

    August 21, 2008

    That Madonna one is just hilarious! :D

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