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Porcographic !

February 14th, 2008

“We’d try to create a product different, surrealist and a bit mad” says Rafa one of the designers from Porcographic Dirt-Tee Shirts. “It was time to focus our atention in this great animal and forgot about the prejudices about this wonderful mammal”


Their designs are fresh, different, provocatives, that´s why don´t left indifferent nobody, as they say, we use iberic icons and shake our pervert minds with extravagant images, always inside a perfect visual coherent. All of their designs had a connexion point: the pig.


There are people that don’t understand our designs because they see the pig as a symbol of indignity, dirt, obscenity but for us none of these adjectives are absolutely negative. But Why the Pig? Ask people usually, they answer: “as we read sometime, the cats despise the man, dogs admire him, and pigs look at him as an equal”


They started this project almost by chance, explains David “we were a little bored of massive creations, that sometimes are good, but standardize us too much” “We aim to create a funny and original brand”.


Despite was founded last year it´s possible to buy their products in a few shops all over Spain and also on-line in the web site


“Our customer type? Well may be people that at first sight are pretty elegant but deep down are filthy pigs”

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