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New York Emperor Sweat Shirt

February 19th, 2008

IF CLOTHES MAKE-TH THE MAN -, then this “New York Emperor Sweatshirt” is all about the Values of the Man.

New York Emperor

Features- 100% cotton Sweat Shirt and 100% original New York city issue Nylon flag. Recycled, and re-designed by hand, Tailored back on to the hoodie managing to capture the sartorial elegance of New York city.

New York Emperor

Front features Felt Applique with Embroidery on chest… great Craft man ship and the words NY EMPEROR embroidered on the Hood.

New York Emperor

Features Authentic Gold Grommet and Header strapping on Shoulders.

Packaging :

The New York Sweat shirt comes folded ceremoniously in a portable water proof Vinyl and canvas travel storage Bag and Box.

New York Emperor

A great Heritage collectors piece and Wearable work of art.

One Per customer each piece is numbered. Please note that the customer can request custom monogramming on their sweatshirt.

New York Emperor

New York Emperor Sweatshirt is AVAILABLE FEB 20TH 2008.

New York Emperor

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