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Orisue !

February 25th, 2008

The brand new Orisue Spring line is available at Karmaloop.

Orisue is featuring fresh cut & sew and tees in great colors :

The One Shot One Kill Tee

It’s sudden death, and this is the t-shirt you want on your back. Featuring a dope oversized gradient halftone over bold language on a 100% cotton tee. Are you feeling lucky, punk?


The Double Trouble Zip Hoody

The Double Trouble Zip Hoody comes strong with premium quality construction in a unique double layered style. Featuring a printed stripe pattern, ribbing, sleeve embroidery, and the signature metal “O” hits on both back and front.


The ‘Don’ Cardigan

Strictly for Bosses only! The “Don” Cardigan comes in a gorgeous seafoam green and grey pattern in cool alternating stripes. Complete with a small emblem on the front chest and back as well as a cuff ribbing on the bottom and sleeves.


About Orisue :

In late 2005, Michael Huynh (Founder/Creative Director) committed himself to one of his long-time dreams. What followed was the inception of Orisue - an independent apparel company inspired by the youth’s many subcultures such as hip-hop, skate, and art. Focusing solely on ORISUE’s creative direction, Michael partnered with long-time friend and entrepreneur, Allen Doan (President), to make ORISUE a reality.

In January 2006, Orisue prepared for its premier release, Summer 2006, featuring only a dozen T-shirts and two crew sweaters. Utilizing the internet, Orisue introduced Summer 2006 on many of the world’s most prestigious street-fashion websites. Its refreshing designs created a buzz and received a strong response from the sites’ readers. Taking advantage of the exposure, Orisue released Summer 2006 to several stores, all having success with the line.

Currently, Orisue is releasing its fifth season, Summer 2007 which includes premium T-shirts, cut-and-sewn crew sweaters, cut-and-sewn full-zip hoodies, and fitted hats. Since ORISUE’s emergence in the industry, it has dramatically grown into exactly what Michael and Allen dreamt it would become, with currently 14 members on staff… and many more to come.

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