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Love Jozi

March 10th, 2008

Love Jozi was formed in 2005 with a small print run of 70 t-shirts depicting the Johannesburg skyline. Now in its seventh range, the label has developed a strong following by an interesting mix of consumers – from South Africans living abroad to trendy teenagers across the country.

Love Jozi

Bradley, Love Jozi :

“We who live and love in Jozi have a strong connection with our unpredictable city. We adore it for many reasons. It’s vibrancy. The hidden surprises. The bubbling undercurrent that bristles all day and pulses all night. We love the brazen face that refuses to sleep. It’s always alive, inspiring, tense, excessive and entertaining. You don’t walk, you mission. Jozi is the ultimate African urban playground. It’s the heartbeat of our continent.

Love Jozi

That’s why we’ve created Love Jozi. It’s for those who wear hearts on sleeve and proclaim a massive affection for this awesome city. Love Jozi says it as simply as it looks.

Love Jozi

Jozi’s the most exciting place to be right now. It’s like waking up at full tilt. Your pulse beats a little faster. You’re always buzzing. So go with what your heart says”. (Nine stockists supply the range including one in London).

Love Jozi

The concept behind Love Jozi was developed by Bradley Kirshenbaum, former design director of Blue Moon (leading South African Internal Marketing and Design Agency). He studied graphic design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel.

His design work has been published locally and internationally and has been recognised at the Loerie Awards and at the London International Advertising Award. He also sits on the board of directors of think (the Graphic Design Council of South Africa). 

Love Jozi

Bradley has recently sold his shares Blue Moon and is working full-time in extending this brand. Already in production are Love Jozi wallpapers (a collaboration with interior design company Shoote), as well as Love Jozi underwear.

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  • DJ Sylvoz

    March 13, 2009

    I’m opening my own shop & would like to sell your t-shirts

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