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New Arrivals from [ 2 one 5 ]!!!

March 11th, 2008

What’s all this global warming stuff we’ve been hearing?? We’re not too worried what’s going to happen to the earth hundreds of years from now, but we do know one thing: It’s been downright cold! We can’t wait for spring, and we’re not pleased that it’s playfully prancing in like a cute, fluffy, doe-eyed lamb. The slow shift to the warm weather does have us a little giddy though. A few pieces of our Spring/Summer 08 Line arrived!! Take a gander with wide-eyed wonder below.


Bandit Hoodie
Black has always been the color choice of mischievous scamps and rotten scoundrels. It cloaks you during your night-time misadventures of tomfoolery and run-a-muckery all the while making you seem mysterious yet highly fashionable. Basically you can do wrong in black, but you can’t go wrong by wearing it. So, what better choice for our Bandit graphic than a nice cotton zip-up with an over-sized, silk-lined hood. Go ahead, get into something bad.

Dot Bridge Windrunner
Finally, the glory of see-through without the wet embarrassment! While the kegs endlessly flow and the raunchy and rowdy cries of Spring Break ‘08 can make you forget about the real world (or for that matter, what happened the previous night), the fact remains: you should always be prepared. Why not bring along our Dot Bridge Windrunner as an extra layer piece of protection. We wouldn’t want you to catch something.


Plaid Windrunner
Everybody likes dessert. Especially something as filling, sugary, and rich as a three-layer cake. But cake never made a splash in the fashion world, and we don’t think it ever will. Instead, we’ve got a windrunner that combines three inseparable thin layers into one jacket. Taste the middle plaid layer through the outer see-through gray, and wash it all down with a thin mesh liner. It’s low in calories, but oh-so-delicious!

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