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24 January 2012, writed by Julia

category: it's hot

5 Yards : Indestructible clothes for indestructible people

Today, I'm proud to present you a brand from here, Belgium ! It's really becoming rare so, belgian creators: WAKE UP ! We are waiting for you !

It's a lifestyle brand called "5 Yards : Indestructible clothes for indestructible people". I didn't try it but I think it might be a good subject for an original review, don't you think? ^^

This brand was created by Sophie (a hockey enthousiast) and Brice (graphic artist) while they were at the Vietnam-Cambodia border. During this night of incessant drumming of monsoon rain [you know, the kind of night it is nearly humanly impossible to sleep], the insight of this brand uprised: to create an original style of clothing in the name of "5 Yards", a brand that has its roots in extreme sports, easy-to-wear sports apparel while also providing the comfort of urban clothing.

The creators wanted their brand as a product of a 21st Century society conscious of its ecological footprint. Their product are entirely "Made In Europe" and designed in the Europe capital city, Brussels.

All their commercial strategy is based on an eco-friendly and original concept of a Pop Up Store (ephemeral store).

As they say " It’s also a way of reinforcing the ecological and economic good-will of the brand. Opening a traditional shop requires expenses that we’d prefer to devote to design and production. What’s more, it provides an exciting challenge : to adapt to new locations, to create a unique and surprising environment, and to discover new preojects."

They also made a Limited Edition in collaboration with an artist that we love, Denis Meyers, check this out!

Go and connect you with 5 YARDS on:




Enjoy !

Writed by: Julia, with Love !