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12 April 2012, writed by Julia

category: tshirt

Fly&I Threads

Fly&I is an Independent Media Design Label based in Florence, Italy, specializing in Graphic T-­shirt design.

The concept behind the project is to restore the importance of passion and uniquity in the minds of the current generation, a message that the label aims to through original and inspirational design.

" Do what you Love" is exactly what this is all about !

We love the collaboration with 2 artists: Ricardo Carrilho (Mozambique) and Alexandre Mballa (Cameroon) which gives a colorful line. That feels like summer eveytime you open your closet !

Go on their Website and excel in what you do the best...

(! Oh, I just say it loud ^^ )

Here, you can find them on Facebook and on Twitter

Writed by: Julia, with Love !