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23 April 2014, writed by Yar

category: tshirt

King Ruler Clothing

Tampa, FL -- Independent clothing company, King Ruler Clothing, believes the kind of apparel you wear will help determine how you feel about yourself. They feel you deserve to have an aura of royalty every day of your life. King Ruler Clothing (*K*R*) is a new mindset-brand in streetwear fashion that supports people taking control over their own lives.

The brand makes t-shirts with a variety of eye-catching designs and clever captions that will let everyone around you know that you are the king of yourself, ruler of your domain. *K*R* is bold, assertive and here to make a statement, which is the way they want you to live your life.

New Releases

King Ruler Clothing just recently released two new t-shirts: “The Poem” and “Heart of a King.” “The Poem” is a black t-shirt featuring an uplifting poem, in bold white letters against the backdrop of a large, red *K*R* logo. “Heart of a King” is a white t-shirt with pictures and a caption meant to remind you that even if you have the blood of a slave, you can still have the heart of a king.

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