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07 February 2010, writed by Sturban

category: tshirt

Soap-Box Brain Invert and Mind Games designs


Here's two new designs from UK t-shirt design company Soap-Box. The tee is called Brain Invert and the sweat is called Mind Games, The tee is quite unique in the way that the brain is printed on the inside so that from the front it gives off a kind of faint 3d layered effect (if that makes sense lol) and comes boxed with limited edition brainchild artwork and sticker, whilst Mind Games sweat is a 5 colour print. Available from Soap-Box and Sturban Clothing.

Whislt you are over at Sturban Clothing you could check out their weekly podcast this week's by Scottish DJ/Promoter Boom Monk Ben.

Writed by: Gaël - [That's the Way] - IloveyourTshirt x Gazmasta