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23 September 2009, writed by David

category: tshirt

Symbolika: psychedelic prints


"Symbolika psychedelic graphic design t-shirts" started it’s activity in 2001, with 10 original psychedelic prints.

The designs were printed on a manual carousel, using 4 silk screens, with glow in the dark and uv colors.

Each design was printed on the front or back of the shirt as a main symbol with a detail print on the other side.

The success of the first prints led to further development of the brand. Since then symbolika sells printed t-shirts in the markets of goa (where the design studio is located), in the major trance festivals of europe, including: the boom in portugal, glade in england & voov in germany, universo paralelo in bahia brazil and wholesale t shirts to australia, japan, greece & 3 shops in amsterdam: StuperMundi Party Clothes, Fullmoon & Moondrop Shop and The Pollinator Com- pany and online since 2007.

The shirts are stitched specially for symbolika from high quality 100% cotton (combed - 30/1) in different styles: long sleeve shirts & sleeve- less shirts for men and women; hooded  sweat-shirt for men (women coming soon).

In addition to t-shirts, symbolika has expanded it’s range of products: unisex belt bags; unisex thai fisherman pants with a printed pocket; lamp shades; and canvas posters. all the prod- ucts are uniquely designed and manufactured in high quality materials by symbolika.

The prices range from 20 - 25 euros for t-shirts. Shirts come in a variety of colors and a full range of sizes. the print is guaranteed to out- last the life of the shirt.

The design process normally starts off with manual sketching and scanning, slowly detailing and achieving it’s final form. it is then accurately built in vector on a cad application, and sometimes shaded in photo- shop.

The designs are constructed in a spacious way, that uses the color of the shirt as a background rather than blocking the fabric with a thick white base. this gives the print a lighter feeling that is more comfortable to wear.

It also makes each design look different on different shirt colors, and the general look is clear & precise.
many of the design elements are based on sacred geometry, tessellation and mandalas with traditional and original symbolism.

Other designs are inspired from hindu and buddhist myths, yoga, spirituality, Kabbal- ah, shamanism & music. visionary artists such as alex grey, robert venosa, salvador dali, m.c. escher, pablo amaringo and others are also a source of inspiration.

Multi-handed buddhas and mudras are elements in the buddha vibes print. Shiva nataraj is the base for the chillum yoga print. Shamanic experiences in ayahuasca ses- sions inspired the shipibo butterfly and dmt symbol designs.

Kabbalah mysticism and sacred geom- etry inspired the dance like a tree de- sign, which derives from the relationships between the different energies that are symbolized in schemes like the khabalistic tree of life and the hindu chakra system. in this particular design the figure is juggling with the different energies, shifting them around in a dance.

Hindu symbolism inspired the print ganesh and mice tessellation. this design features a 3d tessellation grid with interlocking swastikas that forms an elephant face, and the back design is a funny seducing mice tessellation. The buddhist mask and the buddha face construct the frame of tripura. the vision of accepting polarities, represented by the mix fire and water face.

Currently i am working on a new design based on the japanese symbol of the three wise monkeys.
each year since 2001, few more designs are added to the collection which now consists of about 30 different prints. the shirts are printed back and front with re- lated symbols that together form a story. you can find a brief explanation of all the designs on the website.

Symbolika’s prints are constantly evolving and with each reprint they are revised and perfected. some of the prints are printed in flat color while others are more figurative and use shading and gradiation.

Working closely with the print masters, we developed a method of printing with fine resolution silk screens and thin layers of paint, to achieve very fine lines and focus. this also contributes to the lightness of the prints, even when using up to 9 different screens for very detailed & colorful designs, and only one screen for designs printed with a hinted glow in the dark print directly on the fabric.

Writed by: David, See Ya! - iloveyourtshirt x Play-Doh.