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14 March 2014, writed by Yar

category: tshirt

The Ollin: Sophisticated Streetwear

Seattle, WA -- Combining sophisticated streetwear style and the charitable efforts benefiting children in schools based in Kolkata, India, The Ollin delivers socially conscious style with ease. The collection includes both women’s and men’s graphic tees in which 15% of all sales go to towards funding various educational programs in Kolkata helping to break the poverty cycle in this community. With the purchase of a single shirt, anyone can make a difference in the children’s lives that need it most. Through promoting a positive lifestyle, it is The Ollin’s mission as a global for-profit clothing company to create a brand that lets consumers make a statement with personal style, while making an impact on the world.

The graphics used on the shirts are meant to challenge people to think deeper than just what they see. For example the "Uncommon" design, which is the most basic of the tees, is the word common crossed out. The rest of the world wants everyone to live a common life – living without making too much disruption. The “Uncommon” t-shirt message and design like the rest of the pieces in the collection are meant to inspire and challenge people to live extraordinary lives. Another important shirt in the line is the Occupy Peace Tee. This tee is a play-off of the “Occupy Wall Street” posters that began the occupy movement in NYC last year, which traveled and made its mark around the nation with riots and violence. The tee reminds people to occupy our streets with peace and love, instead of anger and hate. Everything from the logo, to the t shirt designs The Ollin strives to empower people to do great things in the world. Additionally, the pieces are designed for the people who love the classic crew neck, to those who love the extra-long and loose fitting T with a swoop neck.

The apparel is designed by Founder Drew Curry (21) who hails out of gritty port city of Tacoma, Washington. This young, bold designer and entrepreneur has always had a natural eye for design. Using his natural talent and life experiences, he created The Ollin in 2013. As a teenager, Drew traveled to Calcutta, India - the poorest city in the world on a mission trip where he witnessed children in the streets begging for money, and searching the garbage dumps for food to feed their family. He also witnessed the “Red Light District,” the square-mile sized area that houses over 25,000 prostitutes, many of which are children who were sold into sex slavery by their own parents.

Armed with this experience, It is the mission of The Ollin to bring hope and a bright future to those children through education. Funds from the sales help pay for uniforms, shoes, hot meals, tuition, and school supplies. More than just a clothing line, it is a brand that transcends style – it is a movement aimed at changing people’s lives through charity. The Ollin can be purchased at with shirts ranging from $30-$40.

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