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October 14th, 2008


Inkfruit is an India based startup that holds an ongoing online tee-shirt design competition.

The site was in beta, and has just undergone a redesign based on feedback they received from friends and other bloggers. The new design is more crisp and less cluttered.

The popularity of the site has grown over the past months and the community has steadily increased. The contest now attracts numerous entries. The winning designs are screen printed onto t-shirts of all sizes and sold on the site.

Apart from the ongoing contest, special contests like the recent “Rock On Design contest” for rock music related t-shirts are also held from time to time. Winners receive cash prizes and get their name printed on the label of the t-shirt.

So head out and check the new look of inkfruit and remember to vote for the t-shirts of your choice.

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  • Priyanka

    October 14, 2008


    Thanks for your article on Infruit. :)

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