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April 20th, 2007

T-post is the first wearable magazine.

“The goal is to inspire people to bring forth, to think about and to discuss vital topics that are happening around the world. In the past, a t-shirt was just an article of clothing to wear. Today, it’s a mode of conversation and yet another way to communicate and awaken the senses”.

Peter Lundgren Editor in Chief, T-post

Say “bonjour” to Chris Knight,

April 20th, 2007

Chris from Concrete Hermit has just joined the blog-team of iloveyourtshirt.

Chris studied fine art in Glasgow before moving to London where he worked at Tate Modern. He left in 2004 to start Concrete Hermit.

He is about to open the first Concrete Hermit shop in London.

He spends most of his time sitting at his computer pretending to work. If he wasn’t the boss Chris would probably fire himself.

Ilyts Tv #4 : Raoul & Dr Lektroluv,

April 19th, 2007

The fourth issue of Iloveyourtshirt TV (Glamorama with Dr Lektroluv and Raoul (Swirl People), party in Mons, Belgium) is now available online through itunes Music Store.

Le quatrième numéro (Glamorama avec Dr Lektroluv et Raoul) de Iloveyourtshirt TV est accessible online sur l’itunes Music Store.

Thumbs up : Raoul (swirl People), Dr Lektroluv & Dr Lektroluv, Brandy (Glamorama), Valéry Mairesse (Glamorama), KRS, Nathan®, Melvin Wittocx, Vincent Stuart, …

Mutafukaz : Qee serie !

April 17th, 2007

Mutafukaz toys serie by Run 777 (in collaboration with Toy2r and Ankama Edition) !

Launching 2007.7.7 !

(full size)

Welcan’s Stainless Denim,

April 16th, 2007

This is the story of two brothers who spent their whole childhood hanging around their father’s factory in which big jeans names like G-Star and Edwin were made.

Salvatore and Alessandro Aloisi saw the need for a new concept to fight the banality of basics and wanted to join the battle for new versions.

In july 2004, they made real their shared inspiration that brought together the vintage and futuristic, the street and art.

Mens and womenswear were both given rigorously selected denim, untreated and unwashed, and the line is a nice fusion of elegance and street style in which each pair of trousers is conceived with only the seam stitching visible.

Welcan’s Stainless is fighting abusive branding and has taken the choice to not put its name on its products: the usual leather patch on the back is completely blank.

Keep yours eyes on Welcan’s !


April 13th, 2007

The Newest arrival to the ever growing FUSShop Family is UARM. This collection includes the drawings of Mark Gonzales, the cartoonish images of Todd James (REAS), the famous Faile Logo & Neck Face Devils !

Oak Aquarium,

April 10th, 2007

Born from the sole motivation to keep a scene alive, we bring you OakaquariumOak Aquarium, a site dedicated to bringing you the very best in independent art, apparel and all things keeping street, skate and snowboard culture alive and thriving.

Our community is a self-contained, self-sustained microcosm built on friends pushing friends to limits in order to achieve individual style, whether it be in the street, on the slope, a canvas, a t-shirt, a mix tape…

OakaquariumOak Aquarium represents the soul of independent street culture by providing an outlet for “Do it Yourself” expression. Currently, we feature full lines from emerging, independent clothing labels.

All of the labels represent the heart and soul of this project: Clothing that is independently designed and produced as a reaction to the culture surrounding them.

Nate Betteker, Oak Aquarium

[2 one 5],

April 10th, 2007

At [2 one 5], during April : the everything in the branded collection is marked down to $20 !


April 10th, 2007

Defunkd auctioning off 20 original Live Aid shirt in until Mid May, all of the profits are going towards Africa Aid. The funds raised are going towards the original cause, famine relief.

The shirts are deadstock, all genuine, in brand new condition yet 22 years old.

Defunkd page on Ebay.

Tokyo Productions,

April 10th, 2007

Tokyo is an belgian production company.

“we work together with artists & help them make things possible! Some of the projects we did are: t-shirt design for eskimo recordings, production of the worldfamous heyhey plush !Limited screenprints,… And recently we produced 2 new t shirts (25 pcs of each design) The designs are by Bue the warrior & Pointdextr !”

Benjamin, Tokyo Productions

20% off & “Ambiguous”,

April 6th, 2007

1) Urban Retro offering 20% OFF all products this easter weekend using the coupon code EASTER2007.

This offer ends midnight Monday 9th April.

2) New brand on board : Ambiguous

S/E Exclusive : Red bubbles !

April 6th, 2007

White tee and exclusive red bubbles at Wrongwroks.

Be quick : once sold out, it’s sold because it’s Fucking Exclusive edition !

Ikebab by Sapapaya,

April 6th, 2007

“Salade, tomate, oignon, harissa ou sauce blanche ? Découvrez la bonne vieille recette du kebab à la sauce d’une célèbre enseigne suédoise. Ikebab : un mode d’emploi servi chaud par Juv.”

A.M.P. Street : 100% Bangkok !

April 6th, 2007

A.M.P Street originated in Bangkok in 2002 and is since then actively creating streetart, original tattoo designs and clothing.

“We specialized in hand screen-printing and strive to create new designs and products every week. With a focus on shirts our line also includes accessories, handmade artwork on canvas as well as custom-made tattoos at the brands in store tattoo studio in Bangkok”

Later & Best, A.M.P


April 6th, 2007

Big update at Godspill, new website, new products, …

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