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Filth t-shirts

June 12th, 2008

The inspiration behind this line was to create a collection that would tap into the intriguing world of graffiti art.

Red Light PR

The licenses are derived from an array of artists that blend graffiti writing and graphic art; a creative medium that is still widely untapped.

Red Light PR

The collection incorporates an element of contemporary street wear design with a rock n’ roll edge that appeals to a man looking to wear something that is a true expression of art.

FILTH, the designer of these two tees, also known as Lucas Irwin, is a Brooklyn based artist & graphic designer who incorporates his unique creative visions onto everything from toys and magazines to corporate identity and packaging for consumer products. He taps the zeitgeist of popular design and culture, reinventing it through his own expressive typographic and mechanically driven aesthetic. Currently Lucas works at Thunderdog Studios where he makes toys and other fun stuff.

These tees retail for $38

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