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July 9th, 2008

Itself is a new clothing brand providing comfortable, original everyday clothes that will make people look and feel beautiful.


The means to this aim is the ongoing Design Contest bringing together cool designers from all around the world and have them submit their designs to be voted and commented on by other itself members.


The winning designers will not only have their designs appear on the new itself t-shirt, but they will also receive a prize of up to $4000!



“We aspire to stand out among other online design contests with our production process. We produce our own t-shirts. We are involved in all stages of production, from the selection of fabrics and colours, to modelling, printing, washing and ironing. And this makes every itself t-shirt unique as you cannot get hold of the basic t-shirts used for printing anywhere else. And we also don’t want to limit itself with t-shirts.

We are planning to introduce new products such as dresses, tunics and polo shirts”.

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