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July 29th, 2008

Spring/Summer 08 sees Projekts NYC duck out of the street for a moment and delve into the archive. 1980’s retro is the key with all the colour and zap that that era represented.


A key piece in this season’s collection is the HEADPHONES T-SHIRT. Available in 5 colour ways (black, white, aqua, royal blue and Turkish coffee) this really is the T-shirt of the summer. Using its infamous numerical theme along with a multi coloured headphone print, PNYC’s Headphones T-shirt is certainly a little bit special.

From its early conception as an urban label with a flavour for the streets, it’s impressive how PNYC has seamlessly glided into a fully fledged fashion brand, creating looks that sit as easily with key trend setters as they do with its core market.

You’ll be seeing more like this of Projekts NYC, as it turns its retro focus into reality. For anyone who remembers these themes first time around or you if you just love the vibe, Projekts NYC 2008 is happy to provide.

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  • drew

    December 3, 2008

    the t is hottt ive got it!

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