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Boost Mobile’s $1/Day - Live Painting !

September 4th, 2008

An exciting Boost Mobile event happening at Karmaloop on Saturday, September 6 from 12noon - 4pm!

Boost Mobile, as part of promoting their new $1 a day chat plan, is sending members of their artist collaboration (infamous graffiti artists Retna, Saber, Revok, and Ewok) to give a live painting demonstration at the front of the Newbury Street store.

The four artists will be at Karmaloop giving away and signing posters. In addition, there will be a reception and the DJ Stylings of Red Foxx.


Born in Memphis, Tennessee raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for most of his life, George joined RVCA in 2003. In 2004 he relocated to the RVCA headquarters in Costa Mesa, where he now works in their on-site studio and has officially become a California transplant. His artwork is a tedious mixture of hand and computer illustrations, where he tries to create a balance between classic and modern styles in his art. His pastimes include dining out with friends (especially Indian cuisine), watching the Packers and watching the box set of the “Leprechaun” movies.

For over 15 years SABER has used the urban landscape as a monumental canvas influencing local street art styles the world over. In 1997, SABER painted the world’s largest street art piece on the cement banks of the Los Angeles River. Measuring 250’ x 55’ and using 125 gallons of latex roller paint, this massive expression of raw street power is considered one of the most important pieces in street art history.

Prolific and diverse, SABER’s work extends beyond his street art by catching the attention of the fine art world with his hyper real oil paintings of cityscapes. SABER is also noted for his ability to translate his work into three-dimensional sculptures collected by art aficionados and those that are part of the urban culture scene.

SABER’s work has contributed to the advancement of contemporary street art as a legitimate art form extending its reach far beyond its primary roots.


When Los Angeles-based graffiti artist RETNA’s work first appeared in the mid-nineties, what made it stand apart from the rest was its unique layering. His color palette was so intricate, so carefully chosen, his pieces often looked to have been daubed on with a paint-brush. Quite the achievement when you consider he was painting on walls, trains, bridges, and freeway overpasses in the black of night.

Frequently inspired by images of females found in magazines and corporate advertisements, RETNA is especially known for embellishing existing fashion advertisements overlaying a classic style that recalls Mayan and Egyptian hieroglyphs, and even Byzantine religious mosaics.

Since first making his name in 1997, RETNA has found himself in popular demand, especially in the music world. R&B artist Usher is a big fan (RETNA-fied paintings of Marvin Gaye, Sade and Miles Davis hang in his home). RETNA’s art has also appeared in pop videos for Kylie Minogue and Will Smith, and he appeared alongside Metallica at the American Music Awards, creating one of his signature pieces live on stage.

“Looking at pop culture and adapting it to a more classical style is what I am known for as an artist,” he says. “It’s something I learned to do on the street and I’m proud to now incorporate in my paintings.”


The easiest way to get noticed in the graffiti world is to paint high-profile, hard-to-reach spots. But the attention doesn’t always mean respect: simply climbing a building and painting it means next to nothing if it’s not done well. Los Angeles-based graffiti artist Revok has been painting mind-blowing, seemingly inaccessible spots, with grace and style, around the country for 15-plus years now.

Subsequently, tales of his exploits have reached folklore status within the graffiti world. REVOK’s distinctive style has influenced countless artists, who have done their best to emulate his handiwork, forcing him to get more creative and broaden his stylistic repertoire. He has reinvented the alphabet several times over, giving his letters life and so much movement that they seem to jump off the wall.

This past summer, REVOK has spread his name throughout Europe, appearing at numerous festivals to paint for fans and onlookers. Now European writers can join their American counterparts in admiration of REVOK’s unparalleled talents. REVOK’s creative skills are also becoming recognized and demanded for in the advertising and marketing world.

LIVE PAINTING w/ Retna, Revok, Saber, & Ewok
Saturday, September 6th - 12noon – 4pm
Featuring: DJ Red Foxx - @ Karmaloop 160 Newbury St Boston, MA 02116 (617) 369-0100

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