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Tom Wolfe Mens

September 19th, 2008

With Tom Wolfe determined to keep the summer alive, their winter tees stay with the sunny vibes and beachy styles.

Tom Wolfe

Printed, embroidered, double stitched, the tees are a cut above the rest. Keep ‘em casual with one of their many styles of jeans or take them a little bit smarter with a suit for that party feel.

Tom Wolfe

With some great prints and cuts, the tees are growing ever popular as is the entire Tom Wolfe collection, so much so that the brand will go it alone next month with a brand new website. Keep your eyes peeled as there’s going to be some seriously good tees linked to some seriously good films coming up!

Tom Wolfe

Available in all of their 60 UK stores or now online, there’s no excuse to dig out the old tees, get buying some new ones!

Tom Wolfe

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