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Lacoste Convect sneakers

October 30th, 2008

Foot Locker and Lacoste announce the launch of the Lacoste Convect range including two brand spanking new and stylish sneakers available in Foot Locker’s nationwide from 20th October. To launch this anticipated new collection, Foot Locker will be asking, ‘What’s your next step’ on the new website, featuring a gallery of cool customers wearing the Convect collection in a number of diverse situations and hot spots; from lying on a sun-bed to playing footsie under the table on a dinner date, these sneakers really do get everywhere!

Lacoste Convect sneakers

The Lacoste Convect sneakers are available in classic black or white leather and feature eye catching and contrasting designs in fabric along the side panels. The slick fabric, thick old skool sole and the iconic Lacoste logo lends this modern sneaker some serious old skool cool.

The specially set up interactive website showcases the Lacoste sneakers taking their next steps, including walking down the church steps of a wedding to walking barefoot on a beach holding the sneakers. These unique and playful images are available to customise and send to friends as free e-cards along with a fun memory game focused around the images.

Lacoste Convect sneakers

The Lacoste Convect collection is another huge Foot Locker exclusive proving that when it comes to leading fashion originality, Foot Locker continues to bring style aficionados the latest and greatest from the biggest names on the planet.

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