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Ceer!us Splash Page

November 5th, 2008

Keith, Ceer!us:

Ceer!us Splash Page

“it’s really that we placed an ad in AP Magazine, which hits stores tuesday the 4th. subscribers get the
magazine a week early so we already have copies, as do other subscribers. we took a photo with the ad and are
encouraging others to do so, as we have something special for them.

Ceer!us Splash Page

We created a splash page for the site to coincide with”the ad, and that is live at ceerius.

Ceer!us Splash Page

Pics can be found on the first page once into the site, scroll down and read the blog entries.

Ceer!us Splash Page

That’s about it. we’re just excited for the ad as it’s a big deal for us, and we’ve received a lot of love on it, and a lot more to come after tuesday i am sure”.

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