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October 17th, 2006

The Silberfischer label was established in 2004 by Elke (Communication Designer) and André Riethmüller (Programmer) when they acquired a computerized stitching machine.

“To reanimate the dull image of drawn thread work we started to apply traditional techniques like cross-stitching to unconventional pixel motifs, such as ghettoblasters and skulls. Our experiments resulted in fashionable stitching design for urban people.

The label fishes for inspiration from everyday life in Berlin. Hence, unusual items like dusters straight out of the local drugstore or waxed Asian tablecloths find there way into our collection. Some motifs like the ghettoblaster even glow in the dark because of a special flluor thread. The stitched buttons, with the cute name Buttonies, are unique. The shirts originate from continental clothing company and are produced sweatshopfree, exemplifying high quality.

Design and stitching is from Berlin: Let’s rock the kreuzstich (corss-stitch)! There is more to come ! ”

Elke, Silberfischer

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  • david

    October 23, 2006

    AB FAB!! i just love it !

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