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Heavy Knucklez

January 14th, 2009

Heavy Knucklez‘ founder (Will Trawick) has been a fan of Mixed Martial Arts ever since the days when there were minimal rules governing it, no weight classes and it was basically a free for all type of sport.

Heavy Knucklez

He’s even studied its origins; a sport called Pankration that was first introduced in the Greek Olympic Games many centuries ago. He’s also a comic book enthusiast.

Heavy Knucklez

The Heavy Knucklez concept originated out of a love of the sport and a love of the limitless nature that comic book style characters and storylines provide.

Heavy Knucklez

Heavy Knucklez has a Unique name and One of A Kind characters with names, origins, and fighting styles.

Heavy Knucklez characters are constantly evolving, their storylines are expanding and additional characters are always in the works.

Heavy Knucklez

Heavy Knucklez characters symbolize Power, Strength, Attitude and Excitement.

Heavy Knucklez

The Heavy Knucklez Counterculture is for children and adults of all ages to enjoy.

Heavy Knucklez Sportswear is Sportswear for a New Generation of Warrior.

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