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Debut T-Shirt Line: Kōan Clothing

January 31st, 2009

Kōan Clothing is a new street-wear brand whose goal is to produce wearable artwork that not only has a strong visual impact, but a positive impact on the local community as well.

Debut T-Shirt Line: Kōan Clothing

Created in 2008 by Allison Torneros, Cyrus Tinati and Graham Jordan, three aspiring young entrepreneurs, Kōan set out to be more then just your average urban brand, they wanted to create “Thought Provoking Style”.

Debut T-Shirt Line: Kōan Clothing

The word “Kōan” is in reference to the Zen Buddhist practice of a teacher presenting his student with a paradox to contemplate. No paradox, or “Kōan”, has one correct answer. Instead it is meant to elicit a meditation that challenges an individuals awareness of their thoughts and perception of the world.

Debut T-Shirt Line: Kōan Clothing

Kōan intends to keep with their philosophy and donate a portion of their profits to local San Francisco non-profit organizations. This year Kōan gives to Youth Uprising in Oakland, CA. Youth Uprising is housed in a 25,000 sq. ft. state of the art building and offers a wide range of programs and services that develop youth leadership in order to transform the community.

Kōan Clothing will be producing a full line of their own tees, as well as limited edition collaborations with some of the world’s top artists to create unique designs, each t-shirt being the visual manifestations of their own self-made koans.

These special edition tees, as well as a few more standard styles from Kōan should be expected at the end of March.

To promote their soft launch they’re offering a $6 off promotion after 1/28. Please check out their website.

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