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Squishi, clothing company

June 5th, 2009


Squishi is a clothing company which is run out of our studio in Wiltshire, UK. All of their items are printed manually (by hand), on our 6 colour press.

Will, “Squishi:

“As we print all the shirts we sell ourselves we can make sure they come out exactly how we want them to & if something isn’t how we want it, we can make tweaks & adjustments accordingly.


We take alot of pride in the products we produce so we strive to bring you incredibly high quality, original, great looking shirts, at a fair price.


Our products are priced fairly & based on how much time/effort/money we put into making them so awesome! But most importantly they are priced on the quality of the product, which is exceptional.


Here are some snippets of (the many) words people have written about us:

”Producing a range of art, monster & creature themed prints on tees, Squishi has a collection of truly original, graphically pleasing tees.” – Alt Fashion Magazine.

”I instantly fell in love with the tees in the Squishi store! There are currently 9 designs available at Squishi and each is unique and whimsical in its own way.” – Tee Junction.


”When you see these t-shirts one thing is clear; these guys love monsters and weird creatures. And I guess, those little funny creatures must love these guys back. My overall impression of the store? Great designs with super cool compositions and the sweetest characters, lovely colors and quite reasonable prices.” – T-shirts Around the Internet.

”Ding! Ding! Ding! I think we have a winner!

I’m really, really, impressed with the design selection that’s available from Squishi. Its great to see a company like this in the UK.” – Hide Your Arms.




Our shirts are designed by some of the most unique & talented Artists/Illustrators we can find, from all over the place! We have had artists such as Drew Millward, Luke Drozd & Keeley Carrigan working with us to create some excellent shirts designs. We do our research!

Information about every Artist we work with can be found in our Artists section.

We use American Apparel shirts for all of our designs. This is because… well, there are a number of reasons but most importantly:

They are all made in the US in a huge 7 floor factory in downtown LA, by mainly migrant workers. But all of their workers get paid at least 2 x California’s minimum wage, which is alot better pay than they would get working elsewhere in the US! The workers also have pretty cool bonuses such as subsidized health insurance, subsidized meals, free bus rides, company bikes, back massages while they work & in house english lessons!


I would like to see another clothing manufacturer be able to say that about their working conditions!


But mainly because they manufacture the highest quality, best fitting, all round best blank garment, with the brightest colour choices available anywhere.”




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