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March 16th, 2007

Funkrush is a clothing company from the Uk created by Pete Harrison that specializes in tshirts and hoodies with designs by leading illustrators and designers. Tagline: “Clothing that makes you smile” It has a very nice roster of artists and a wide selection of designs.

Funkrush exclusively presents three new designs by DGPH and Peskimo: “Hippie Mole“, “Flying to moletown” and “I roar therefore I am“. All are available in mens and womans apart from flying to moletown, the hippie mole design is also available as a hoodie.

Funkrush has also collaborated with DGPH on a “Noodle soup” package, which includes 2 tshirts, postcard and sticker pack, “molestown” book and limited edition print.

DGPH is a small group of fun designers from Argentina, In 2005 Martin Lowenstein and Diego Vaisberg, decided to make their path into the design world with their own unique style. They begun to develop a series of illustrations, for different art and design magazines, creating a world of characters and creatures, under the name DGPH.

Peskimo is Jodie and David, two monster loving designers who specialise in character creation, illustration and animation. Recent work has included projects for clients such as MTV, Mimoco, Play Imaginative, CBBC, Digital Creative Arts and NoStore. The have also exhibited work and have products for sale around the world.

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