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April 3rd, 2007

Beautiful/Decay have just totally revamped his online shop.

The new website still houses the same outstanding one of a kind art-based products, music, collectibles and limited edition fashion collaborations, including the highly popular Beautiful/Decay Apparel line. However, the site now boasts fresh new features to make shopping even more user-friendly. Customers can now quickly and conveniently browse by a number of different options, such as by brand, price, top ten items, or any keyword they choose …

With its ever-increasing growing popularity and an inventory that is constantly updated with fresh products, the B/D online shop clearly needed a home that was more browser-efficient.

The Beautiful/Decay online shop houses over 1,000 unique, hand selected items from CD’s, magazines, posters, books, fashion accessories, T-shirts and designer toys from art based and independent companies. The site also sells the successful artist’s Apparel line T-shirts, which feature eclectic and unique designs from artists who have previously contributed to the magazine.

Beautiful/Decay is founded on the theory, “if you can’t find it, make it.” Beautiful/Decay’s format is revolutionary in that it documents the convergence of fine art, graffiti, design, fashion, music and other relevant forms of art.

Beautiful/Decay prides itself in exposing the magazine’s diverse readership to mediums, ideas and creative expressions that are not juxtaposed in any other independent publication.

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